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Good news everyone! The nixies survived the trip to and from Providence, and I met some amazing people. Kipp Bradford and Brian Jepson put together a great event. Johngineer from adafruit was demonstrating his impressive cyclorama and he took some stunning nixie tube pictures.




When he wasn’t teaching kids to solder or playing with his LoL Shields, Jimme P. Rodgers was the only person to actually solve the puzzle without cheating. I had to order a LoL shield once I realized that I don’t cover charlieplexing in the Modern Display Science and Technology labs.

I shared a tabel with Chris Walker from Secret Labs LLC who was showing off the new Netduino. It’s such an amazing, but mysterious little device. Secret Labs definitely earned its name.

“That’s some powerful hardware. How can Netduino be so cheap?”
“I can’t tell you.”
“I noticed you have unused I/O pins. Any plans to use them?”
“Definitely. But I can’t tell you what they’re going to be used for.”

Of course, I had to order one for myself to unlock its secrets. It’s time for the nixies to get a brain transplant. Stay tuned.


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  1. That’s awesome!! I’m going to build one. It seems about the right time because I’ve only been using propeller basic board and I want to try out arduinos. I want to make a led cube 5 x 5 and have just learned about charlie plexing after making a 7 segment microwave display say fart. I just made a jacobs ladder with a high voltage neon sign transformer and nixie tubes are bad ass. soo instead of making an led cube i want to make a nixie tube tempature readout for my kiln. I’m a glassblower and I want to make my own nixie tubes as well. Thanks for sharing. do you know of a inexpensive supplier of nixie tubes or where to get a few big ones?

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