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Everybody loves nixie tube clocks. But why stop at 4, 6, or 8 tubes? Why not 81 tubes?  Inspired by ArduNIX and ogi lumen I decided to build a nixie tube sudoku game. Gotta love open source hardware.

Displaying the puzzle from Cleve’s Corner.

Recursively solving the Wikipedia example puzzle using a modified version of this code.

All of the design files (schematics, boards, source code, and case design) are available here.

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  1. Amazing work!

  2. Hello –
    May I use your video & description on ?


    • Definitely. Your database has been a very useful resource for information and inspiration.

      • Thank you! I really like your invention, it is one of the more innovative uses of nixie tubes that I’ve seen.

  3. Very nicely done!

  4. Ah, the neon field form.

    Beautiful boards.

  5. The perfect thank you, and share information.

  6. it would be great if it blinks all numbers whet completes the game

    what was the cost ?

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